Management Committee 





श्री ईश्वर प्रसाद रिजाल

प्रतिनिधि, कृषि बिकास मन्त्रालय ।



 श्री सुब प्रसाद रिजाल ,        
 प्रतिनिधि, अर्थ मन्त्रालय ।



  श्री प्रदिप कुमार यादव,                               
  निमित प्रबन्ध सञ्चालक,
  राष्ट्रिय बीउ बिजन कम्पनी लि.  ।


Organization Chart

The Company functions independently under the supervision and control of its board of directors, which is chaired by the secretary from ministry of agriculture and co-operative, represented by ministry of finance and seed expert from the private sector. At present, there are five members in the board of directors including Managing Director of the company . The Managing Director is the chief executive of the company. At central level, the organization has the following functional setup.

Original Offices


The Company operates throughout the country with a central office in Kathmandu. There are three main branch offices at Itahari, Hetauda, Bhairahawa and Three branch offices at Jankpur, Nepalgunj and Dhangadhi. The company has own seed production farm at Jhumka, Sunsari district where foundation and certified seeds are being produced for furter seed multiplication program. District offices are managed to launch seed production, seed processing, seed storage, and marketing activities.

JHUMKA FARM                      JHUMKA
BRANCH OFFICE                   JANAKPUR

Company Act and rules

Future Plan





Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) and National Seed Company Limited (NSC)


This joint venture agreement is made on 30th July, 2015 between the Agriculture and Forestry University (First party), and National Seed Company Limited (Second Party) for support to each other regarding the agricultural development with focus on the cereal crop, oil crop, legume, pasture and vegetable seeds.

 Introduction of AFU

 Agriculture and Forestry University was established as per the Act of Government of Nepal at, Chitwan, in 2010 with its aims to produce highly skilled human resources required to work on quality research and development in agriculture, livestock including animal health, forestry and fisheries.. The mission of the AFU is to design and implement education programs, to develop technically competent graduates ready to apply knowledge and skill in agriculture research, extension, education, agribusiness and rural development in all ecological domains of Nepal and promote excellence and integration of education, research, and technology transfer. Currently, it offers four bachelor programs in Agriculture, Veterinary science, Fisheries and Forestry, and several post graduate programmes in major disciplines of Agriculture, Animal Science, Veterinary science, Aquaculture, Fisheries, Social Science, Biotechnology and Forestry. Besides, it undertakes basic and problem solving research and disseminates its findings and technologies to the communities.

 Introduction of NSC

National Seed Company Limited (NSC) which is a fully undertaking organization of the Government of Nepal was established in 2002 May 8, under the current company Act 1996 and their central office situated at Kathmandu, being through their distribution centers (which expression shall, unless repugnant to the context includes its representatives, officers, successors and assigns). National Seed Company produce procure and sales seed of cereals, legumes, vegetables, oil crops and grasses/forages. It has been involving to produce different crops and varieties of seeds by maintaining its pocket areas throughout the country. The company is committed to substitute seed distributers at local level by providing locally produced superior quality varieties of seeds. The company aims to increase the profit margin by producing the verities of cereals, oil crops legume, grasses/forages and vegetable seeds to produce with imported seeds in the country.


Agriculture and Forestry University wish to joint to have a tie up arrangement for promoting and managing the business of branded seed produced, or supplied by the second party and is also desirous of organizing seed production programmer in an identified project area for multiplication at the land of both party more widely described below under the technical guidance, support and supervision –

  1.  To materialized the resources (human and physical) on the agricultural development of nation through seed sector;
  2. To conduct Research & Development  works on cereals oil crops legume, grasses/forages, vegetable seeds and other agri-inputs in Nepal;
  3. To set up phase wise seed production and processing facilities in Nepal;
  4. To engage its faculty members of AFU in related issues of production, and carry out seed sector development and promotion;

Both parties have agreed that they shall work closely so that the know-how of products of the institutional benefits each other and due to the input by the area of trading and development of the farming community in country of Nepal to be supported.

It is further agreed that AFU and NSC shall assist each other in exploring agricultural products and for the purpose further opportunities shall be explored jointly.

It is hereby agreed by both parties that they appoint each other as Marketing & Business associate for their operations at AFU and NSC in regard to production, distribution of agriculture seeds, planting material and promotion of sale of various agricultural inputs in association. Thus the parties do hereby agree on the following terms and conditions:

  • That both parties shall intimate their demand of seed crop-wise and variety-wise and place its compact order for procurement /lifting not less than one month prior to the date of beginning of normal sowing season.
  • That the parties shall have option to lift seed from go downs situated at designated places at the ex-go down prices fixed by mutual understanding, or alternatively can designate other places up to which supply & delivery can be arranged on their cost & risk.
  • That both parties shall arrange at their cost all the agriculture implements, testing equipments and various inputs, at all, which may be required for seed production organized under this joint venture.
  • That both parties shall pay as mutually agreed consultancy charges for rendering technical guidance and support to seed production programme organized.



This agreement is made for trial and shall be valid for the period of five years from the date of signing, and can be extended on mutual approval exchanged in writing.