National Seed Company Limited (NSC) is an organization by full undertaking of Nepal Government under the company act 1996 and it is officially register in May 8, 2002 in the office of company register. The NSC holds advanced appraisal like internal seed quality control laboratories, seed processing plants, cold storage facilities as well as high quality and large quantity of seed production which contributes to develop the depth and closest professional relationship between the company and the Nepalese farmers.

NSC applied the vigorous selection and maintenance mechanism in to production and supply of true-to-type of seed as per as varietal character. Seed productions are widely adapted to local climate, purse high quality of demand of seeds due to unique taste, eradication common diseases by seed treatment, reliable source of breeding materials. We are as the company committed to fulfill the growing demand of indigenous and recommended varieties seed of different crops at suitable climatic places in the country.

The sole aim of our company is to supply the quality seed to our farmers for suitable climate and soil have assured good germination of seed to the increment of crop productivity. For this, our professionals have been undertaking required activities with presence high degree of regulation, efficiency and professionalism to supply seed without compromises in seed quality.

We are highly convinced that there is high demand the qualitative and quantitative seeds having enormous prospects in the Tarai and inner Tarai of Nepal. We therefore want to start our work from farmers through the supply of improved and quality seeds and commit to contribute to enhancing the overall national economy. We further want to contribute to enhancing the food security on the basis of our people’s requirement. We realized that buffer seed stock program is a base of food security in the context of natural calamities; we wish to launch this program with the consultation of Government of Nepal in near future.

The seed production and distribution is possible through the team work by developing relationship among the public, private partnership i.e. research and development institutions, seed growers and traders, seed quality control centers, agriculture extension offices and seed related media and information centers. We believe in the team work which creates and contribute precise and desire result.

Lastly, but not least, we therefore humble request all stakeholders to work together in the area of seed production and distribution for the best and sustainable agriculture production in the county through strong, dynamic and effective seed company.

Many more in future…

With Regard

Pradip Kumar Yadav
For Managing Director
National Seed Company Limited
Central office
Kuleshwor, Kathmandu Nepal